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Path of Grace – Published in 2015

Path of Grace was published in January 2015.The island fortress of Suomenlinna off the coast of Finland and a water-wise garden in Southern California provide the setting for this children’s story. “Why are people mean?” Little Anni asked Nana, her grandmother. Nana helps Anni find her own path of grace by sharing the story of the Bridge of Concord. This is a read-aloud book for grand-parents, aunts, teachers and children, of all ages, to read to each other and create the characters as they imagine (#weneeddiversebooks, #wndb).

Eyes on Christ – Published in 2014

Eyes on Christ: Reflections on Being the People of God in the PC (USA) is a book that essentially wrote itself. I had definitely not planned on writing it! 13 letters and 27 other pieces of writing in a variety of other genres such as a faith statement/confession, Scripture, sample covenant, devotional, and study, from my friends and teaching elders in the Presbytery of Los Ranchos form the centerpiece of this book that may be used for 40 days of prayer and discernment during denominational affiliation. This has been another incredible experience of surrendering, letting the Holy Spirit lead, and enjoying the resulting blessed adventures. Here’s what a friend wrote me: “You were prepared for and called to it and answered the call.” It is in the Spirit of the Living Christ that I offer this book for churches that are undergoing denominational discernment.

Ocean of Grace – Published in 2014

Ocean of Grace: Two short stories, a few poems and a reflection. 39 pages. 2 short stories. A ballad. 2 songs. Multiple Haiku. A reflection. Includes photos in the Kindle edition to relieve the magical monotony of always reading le mot juste :). Here’s what readers have written about this book: “The perfect quick read! It opened my mind to new worlds among us!”

Casa Charis – Published in 2013

Casa Charis: A Daybook of Freedom (devotional/prayerbook/Bible study based on Galatians) 31 meditations. 4 Essays. On the rich themes of freedom and grace and tacking the modern challenges of daily life from the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. 123 pages. Questions for Bible study.
Garden of Grace  – Published in 2012

Garden of Grace: A Daybook of Faith and Healing (devotional and prayerbook based on Ephesians). 30 meditations and prayers 32 color photos 75 pp. What can the faithful do when life throws them a curve ball? Does faith in Jesus heal? How does it help with the losses, challenges and mundane realities of daily living? What part does church, the extended family of Jesus, play in the daily faith of an individual?

Rev. Barbara Buck, Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s By The Sea, Rancho Palos Verdes: “Anita’s scholarship shines. The introduction is right up there with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henri Nouwen, and Eberhard Jüngel.”


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