Anita Coleman talks about frustration during a Call to Action Prayer Service at the New Hope Presbyterian Church in Orange. STEVEN GEORGES, CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: ***Anita Coleman (cell 949 293-7272) was the one who originally contacted Michele.*** A Call to Action Prayer Service at the New Hope Presbyterian Church in Orange in response to the shooting on nine people in Charleston, South Carolina. David.racism.xxxx 6/23/15

Photo credit: STEVEN GEORGES, Photographer (Orange County Register, 2015)

I am privileged to be an independent scholar. My current research and development initiative is the Anti-racism Digital Library and International Anti-racism Thesaurus (ADL/IAT).

20 years of experience as a full-time faculty  and as a digital librarian/manager, has gifted  me with unique management, and information and communication technology skills.  I enjoy designing sustainable systems, exploring ways to improve information and communication justice, and writing stories of the sacred lives of remarkable, yet ordinary people, in diverse communities. My goal is to make a difference. My writings and workshops inspire and help us strive for “liberty and justice for all.” I am the recipient of a 2006 award from the Library of Congress for my pioneering work with metadata education and a 2007 Library Journal Movers & Shakers award, given to those shaping the future of libraries: in 2002 I established dLIST the first open access inter-disciplinary repository in the Information Sciences.

My research has been reported in peer reviewed journals and presented at international and local conferences and community gatherings. They include the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, European Conference on Digital Libraries, and civic/not-for-profit, interfaith, and church groups.  In 2012, I began to write books that specialize in stories that inspire, uplift, and empower voices in the margins. Creative realism genres that combine the power of  macro-social statistics and personal narratives are my specialty.  Path of Grace my first “read-aloud” and a “diversity” children’s book was published in early 2015. You can find my books on Amazon and some of my recent talks and community education classes on the ADL/IAT.

As an independent scholar, I am diligent about protecting my freedom to speak the truth. Neither the monies I receive for professional engagements nor any contract I enter into direct the substance of my talks and works.

Besides research, writing and speaking, gardening, fusion cuisine, fitness, and spending time with family and friends are some my favorite activities.

Anita Coleman


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